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for the first time in 17 years san jose police department is with those filing crime result of the budget crisis. this we will explain what thi(u means move means for crime-fighting. >> this they are shot jarring ride along two years ago shows the violent crimes enforcement team in action. this team helps support patrol action serves some of who battling gang activities. they're credited with 1000 gang-related dress last year. as well as 800 paroled probation searches. san jose police officers' union said the closing down of this unit
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will have a big impact on crime- fighting in the city. >> the majority of homicides in san jose are gang-related. we simply will not have the resources to address games to date, like we did yesterday furious >> after a previous years of cuts, there's no other place to cut. >> shutting down the violent crime doesn't mean that the they're giving greenlight to gang activity. most of the officers are still on the street, but have first >> if the messages, we're not stopping anti-gay enforcement, yet at the same time we cannot continue to do the same level as we did before. patrol officers
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have been trained to respond to these crimes. >> you cannot have 90 people out here after her unforced trumps and not have something of a lot the table. >> warning >> kelly kron4 news> officials built the place high priority on public safety when creighton ñ the other controlled police department and benefits plan to put them into this position. the mayor has two ballot measures, w 90 to reform public pensions. had it for about this november. after being released on $500,000 bearer, sarah short back in the u.s. tonight. this is for walking into a new york court held with her mother. she told reporters today that she is thankful to
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leaders from releasing her. olive bills one-third free because term from from roads are still in jail. >> in josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. and we're not available. we in no way intended any harm to remain chairman and his people. and believe a huge misunderstanding offs that includes attention for a london prison. >> after she spoke she hired her mother and shame in joshes mom. both mothers were clutching their sons pitchers. iran says applause but to montreal. a big scare for homeowner after finding three pipe bombs and rearm, bonds court evacuate neighborhood for a short time, and done in one the pipe bombs. you can see what is left to review the pipe bomb right here. jun pieces are in a baggy. the bomb squad to the of the two pipe bombs away. the search the
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house turned the ball making material, the rest of one person. they did not say sematech to share say that a line was seen friday afternoon. sheriff's officials of wise residents not to approach on lines of they see one. >> clause skies across san francisco, after due result play of claudius, and even some rainshowers. especially an enclave. omnirange our so, how about to about a quarter edition said rosa and the north bait. about a 10th of an inch. most this just picking up a couple hundred turn up at all. if this is a very unique store system. here star tracker for the reader, for 4:00 this morning. notices will go to the morning hours today, a public body jars. most of that wrapped in up by
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around 10:00 a.m. this morning. after that, to we had some pretty heavy rains and thunderstorms. it's a flood into the north of sacramento. all but is out here for tonight. as a system departs, we agreed to noticed a return to more somber light conditions. for this last week temperatures are going to be warming up, into the middle and upper '70s for centerfolds at rows of. eighties in to the lamellas, these temperatures of about 40 degrees, and we have much warmer weather coming up this coming week. i will let you more about this coming up later on reggie. >> the force carpool lane on six city opens monday. there are rules to follow. you're sure you're the need to leverage a more varied >> starting mother is charged with from 5 a.m. today and the aid should be laid before low-
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flying, also becomes a trolling for fast track users. that means if you want to avoid traffic on this 40 mi. stretch of 680, starting at far higher rate 84 and ended at 237, its core to cost you somewhere between 30¢ between off-peak hours up to $6 during its the heavy commute hours. carpoolers may continue to use a light and no cost. however carpoolers did put their fast-track trend spotters on one of these shield bags of red from being charged. as your vehicle goes out of the of what robert dole readers but he says. expressly violators will receive a ticket, worth about $381. kron4 years. >> still have kron4 news, the gulf of mexico " oil well the giants try for first place in the nfl was. the three movies are the top of the box office. these are just a few the story
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still at or kron4 news.ahead on i'm done with all these lists.
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the well and that of a mexico has been declared dead. this comes five months after the oil rig explosion lead more than 200 and gas and crude into the waters. a williams has latest on the turn of events. >> after months of frustration, they say that now but bloated milosz's killed wildlife and stayed b-2s, has been firmly pledged. workers spent the weekend: of the fog huge, and that some of this album will shut. an estimated 4.9 million bulk dallas trimme >> and we drove winter, there is no thought to have a partner in solemn means that is unlikely if there was or flooring of the backside. >> 40 mi. off the louisiana
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coast an explosion in late april and what lies and killed 11. poehl and kille third >> the amount of press bogus absolutely is the most different than the previous projects that we have been involved in. president >> of all my head held the ceiling off the well, but the government will continue to work to kill economic environmental damage in the area. a police kron4 news. >> still ahead, would take a look afuture cast is showing a p for to mar eighties and to the long valley, i will lay know what to expect on monday.we'll o
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expect of coming up on monday. it's happening. let's go! we got a 1-2-0 in progress. what's a 1-2-0?
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a land swap deal signed by the state puts a new development project, you sit here and oakland waterfront. but surely the location on global earth. this is where the pope ninth project is supposed to go. from 10th avenue to phalanstery to the embarcadero. right here along. jack bush shows us with a plan for this area >> has been years in the making, but the deal is done between the state and developers who plan on a massive development here of the oakland waterfront. the plan here is to develop this mostly industrial area into housing and retail. the project is expected to take 15 years to complete. but when the dust settles there will be more than 3000 homes, and more than $2 a square foot of retells base. 500 of those homes will be set aside for low- income residents. so it is a massive project that will spend 64 a. almost half of that will be parks and green spaces. the developers' plan on putting
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tuesday the married art areas. as well oakland people are happy about the settlement. despite a used site we unsightly area will be put used in productive space, more than 8000 jobs will be created create much needed tax revenue for the six city. an estimated $800 million to go to the city because of a project. of the bellman was stalled for years by lawsuits filed by the allman activists, then a judge ruled in the favor of the developers call but there's an appeal pending. if that appeal is overruled, us construction should begin sometime next year. in oakland juppe was kron4 news. >> from mill valley, even this afternoon a couple of a will out there, some drizzle. some fungi make it through the club. so not a bad they want to go past the morning. now we will go live to
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san francisco on the embarcadero. there is the very building, we have caught the skies tonight. the clouds moving into the land ballet the tablatures right now in the '60s. seller and the santa clara 64 degrees san mateo 61, upper 50s right now for san francisco and the bottom. here's the storm trochophore, and not too much going on tonight. starches impostor today. we will not you, not have even noticed it did produce a little bit of rain across the bay area. tonight as you look for the past three hours a few leftover showers the no. 7 from its francisco. now will be it. temperatures will warm up to mark your highs for monday in the to the eighties in the spot sunspots and the north bay eighties for the east bay, 74 the south bay as '60s and '70s near the bay. it is not going to warmest we will get some strong onshore winds on tuesday. that will bring the respect of. look for 60
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bayside, look at the '70s for the warmest in land values. it includes upper was it. there will be another system passing through. this will help to keep all fog a locale. it will be a cloudy day on wednesday. it will cool things off even more. so lots of sixties from around the bay, the land may have some trouble getting of the '60s also very not the case for tomorrow. '70s and some eighties for the north bait. their fill 82 degrees upper '70s that rosa mill valley. if we will see the clouds in the morning, giving way to sunshine around town are a lot o'clock a.m.. said sampras is a high of 65nqñ degrees upper 60s low seventies for the shore. with grace tries to start, clearing through the late morning. look for sunshine and warmer weather on the east bay 84 antioch pittsburg's into the eighties. so i much nicer day chlorines this weekend. the south bay we will have because
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the start, but mostly sunny calls. 77 for the forecast 5% was a. here's the seven they're around the bay, a noticed that temperatures will start to fall offer tuesday was it. was there will be the coolest air with reading only in the '60s bayside. upper around 70 in land. around first their fall on wednesday thursday, it will feel like summer. high low eighties of to the high 90s by saturday. >> 13 members of the southern california colts have been found, this is the scene of a surge earlier today, the group for holland dealt palmdale saber wait for the rapture. 13 adults and children round this morning. pray. meanwhile the leader of the group has been hospitalized for a mental evaluation. unrefined of the san diego zoo, they discovered a well a will
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also. the bonds will be handed off to museum officials, who will try to determine the species. hundreds of people exercising in sacramento, over the weekend for good cause. as part of a nationwide campaign to raise money for the africa yogurt project. it is to empower communities in change laws. the event raised more than $7,000. if your group in the bay area of meat raises more than 390,000 for cancer research, more than three cells of people were in attendance the help of. jill to sell off a former cal bear died in june, look look so good upper tell which one person in may. >> a small body of water, or calpers star julia castillo labored, in this boat house. this was your teammates century. which hold memories of congress
9:21 pm
and national titles very for the last three months, the team has carry these memories of jail, who late june at age 22 at walter yearlong battle with lung cancer. she did not smoke, and back 60 percent of those diagnosed with lung cancer never smoked a quid decades ago. this besides her kimmel and radiation treatment should continue to be strongly competed. >> in audible. >> she really had a profound impact on my life and i think about her, and i mr. tremendously. >> smiley, enthusiastic, loving, and got just one the most blows of people that i've ever been around. jill >> along with lou kindred engineered the job for jill fund-raiser. >> coming up the giants' dacron the milwaukee birthrate have a
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now hear stanley roberts 2000 people behaving badly. >> black jacket, in a moment she will instantly change her direction. the reason this security guard at the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco, i will explain why in a second. the temporary terminal is where ac transit, gray hound, and west contra costa transit thought terminal is constructed. only buses and authorized vehicles are allowed to drive inside the terminal. pedestrians are not allowed, so security officers are there to keep the road way clear of anyone using the terminal as a short cut. there are numerous signs like this one, and this one, and this one, asking people
9:26 pm
to use the sidewalk, or the cross walk, but often these signs are ignored. sidewalk, only to try to cross at a different location where he is met by a security officer, again. this woman here is pushing a stroller inside the lot, and this lady is just wandering around although she was told not to. it is a constant battle trying to keep a short cut, whether on foot, on two wheels, or on four. one worker at the terminal told me it is just a matter of time before someone gets hit by a bus. then it will make the news. there are literally dozens of people trying to use that dangerous short cut every day. anna terminal, stanley robert's, kron 4 news.
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>> several residents celebrated for caustic, how place came to celebrate. also why the dollar for gop senate nominee is getting nationwide attention or use of the n word. and traders to take on this plus ranch to also call on a serioudot of leae st. louis rams.the off raiders . also call on a serioudot of leae st. louis rams.the off raiders . louis rams.
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this new job last week, but their health insurance doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results
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california needs now. what family is still missing after a seven burner gas fire. this week their family members are more in their loss, even though authorities have not come from the draft. greg lemond and most likely perished that night. he is not been seen since. investigators did recover and remains they have not identified. it will find out monday when they extract dna evidence for the remains. many of the families who had been affected by this explosion, currently come students that the 10 cappuccino harsco. on sunday the school hosted a benefit called neighbors for neighbor
9:30 pm
perry did converter talks to be open to men, including the benefits organizer 15 year-old sophomore. >> singer in, cappuccino >> she was much as the organizer of this event, the body musician was also there to sink for the people who came to supporters zebra our neighbors. >> is also both in oddbain odd l >> just five days before the event, guerrillas of the help of her mother bell reorganize the bid. >> we said we what we need, she said it was saying, microphones.
9:31 pm
at that the voters of the. she does started asking friends and family from all world-class richard school. it is amazing, the response was unbelievable. >> these have all the trappings of a high school festival complete with don tyson based paging. and you could see that some of the popular local businesses were on time to a help. the main attraction was the music, a full line of the bands and⌜ musicians who played all afternoon. musicians more inspired to beforto coming >> it fills a lot better just to come here play out of spirit. >> corrina said they will have raised around what also dollars, to donate to lines of fun for the fire victims. in san bruno dave king got a kron4 news. >> investigators are looking
9:32 pm
into the well on this piece of life that it blew. was shot on goal earth for the explosion happened. we're going to take this look at this pipe that what underground, it was from a downward slope onto the street occur back up. in an upward slope. investigators think the creed that there is occur created. and a scene of a lot of hype. investigators looking at one of those wells had failed. >> we have the entire section on our web site, we have to find out more and information about the evacuation and december new- issue to contact kron4 com. >> man is recovering from a severe beating, he was attacked and robbed of fisherman's wharf. kron4 dollar and talk to him about the special attack, which he fears may be part of a groin problem. >> san hopes restaurateur kurds and tercel but gained some
9:33 pm
valuable lessons from his attack. he worries that robbers are targeting food places. those workers, and typically carry cash from the tips they earn. >> my money, my car loan >> group of young men robbed him last night in this parking lot right next to the popular rotter restroom. he is a waiter there. the attacks happened around 10:30 p.m.. he just left work to go to his car. he said that is what a couple of people jumped up from had to park cars, according to the ground. >> i was yelling and screaming telling them to please stop and not do this. to >> marcos said that least three people were in the group that attacked him. he said one person was a lookout while the other to beat him of a problem. but the loss of for about two minutes. marcos's the robbers took off with all his money. aside from scrapes and bruises, on his body a dr. keyser
9:34 pm
parmentier, said marco suffered a fractured rib. sampras is the police have not said of the attack is part of attack a problem of starting food-service workers in the region. in san francisco dahlin kron4 news. >> stunning view of the bay bridge on the sunday night. some clouds rolling in, into the inland valleys for tonight the tars in the bay bridge poking up to the fog. temperatures write down sentences go in the '50s. but we're in the '60's most everywhere else. very mild evening actually, with all the utility levels. checking in 65 degrees san jose. here's a view from my town looking out over the san pablo bay. some cults, or brown and tan. on the north. all around the bay area. it was a pretty cloudy day with bricks of sunshine. fortune increasing clouds into the inland valleys,
9:35 pm
some by tomorrow started out with mossad disguise, and the clouds clearing generally between 7:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m.. so more typical summertime pattern by the afternoon. we're looking at sunshine warmer temperatures, especially for the north bay east bay. '70s in the south bay, eighties seems to be the warmest in one spot. then things start to cool down, for wednesday lots on the morning the onshore winds will begin to ramp up, the local temperatures back down a few degrees. even cooler still was there was widespread cow. drizzle as well. the caustic a long time to clear a cool day on wednesday. now on thursday, a different story a first of all things will start to warmups to buy the we can possibly nineties around the bay area, i will talk more about that later on reggie perry >> the niners go for the first when tomorrow, they take on the super bowl champs the new
9:36 pm
orleans saints. today the raiders have their first-round game of the season, and they look sharp at halftime, first rakowski took over quarterback and led the raiders to three scoring drives. oakland beat st. louis 1614. roche, gable, had not said whether to start as quarterback next week. the a's did six runs of the course of the game, and the 30 year-old rookie bobby cramer had a second straight win a's beat the twins 62. and the giants are back in first place, they handily beat the brewers 92 today. padres loss, so now the giants are a half-game up in the nfl was. >> is being called the next their paling, but that is not the only the gop is getting attention. still had what christine o'donnell said, that has people talking.
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. [ninstrumental musict]]
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where gop senate nominee christine o'donnell has been compared to serb held on for a
9:40 pm
two-party politics. she's get attention to her inward more and use more than a decade ago. >> most of america has ever heard of christine lord all, now the first thing they here is her using the n word from an tv show 14 years ago. >> by will said that less than your heart is committing adultery, and masturbating is committing adultery. >> worry privately last seen? >> if it is not enough that people are commit are comparing her to you know who. >> she is a dead ringer for serra paladin. oh my god. he is talking about a young girl model, watch out there. >> even the staunch republicans are dishing her. >> there an automatic things that she could save.
9:41 pm
>> the fact is our first impression is fermentation show about teens and sex. >> he already knows a pleases him and if he completes itself why my in the picture. >> enough to was an anchor could get out the picture. >> we have heard as much discussion since the surgeon general got fired. presently in. >>wdé just for saying that it should be part of a child's education. >> in the news media will not even save the m a word. >> telling kids not to get busy with themselves. >> we leave actually say to our most outspoken pundits. >> this woman has run against masturbation. i have a feeling christine or dawdle poses matt to base in the same way the burst upon opposes premarital sex. >> the hoopla over her morality
9:42 pm
a sex talk on 14 years ago or golf told nbc news >> i am in my '40's now i've matured a lot, >> steven colbert came up with this solution, simply >>, merrier hand i now pronounce you man can. >> even you may say i do, but i don't. >> i will love you forever, hello stranger. >> new york. >> i have nothing to say about that, three new films with the top three the box office this weekend. we will take a look at the movies in just a much they made. >> across northern california, the rain is moving out tonight a much wiser dave for tomorrow. the forecast from them.
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so can spell trouble for one
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country. >> here in the foothills of the santa cruz bonds, or on the bay area where some one eye and a sky and i am their crops this weekend. this is anticipation of what may be some and unexpected early rainshowers here. if this a this is not good for the grace periods the firm is beginning to write that, but it's still to three weeks away. october is typically the time of harvest time. but the strain could set the whole process back a least two to three weeks. once more some varieties are very vulnerable to moisture. the king get inside the for an actual drop from the inside out. it also creates much of the vineyard and other problems for harvest. in a worst-case scenario, some of these groups may not get rid of all. they might be left on the vine, and a crop loss for the season. this a course comes on top of already
9:47 pm
the unseasonably cool summer, the has the greats already a couple weeks behind schedule. in saratoga kron4 news. >> well the good news of saratoga, we did not see any rate to date. what a difference store it in mill valley with lots of calls, lots of sunshine this afternoon. we look at only about 7 in. of rain. right now on the bay bridge, on the sunday evening clouds are pushing into the bait. a mild evening with some humidity still sticking around money for the past several days. you conceive of rainfall amounts here from earlier today, the highest amount carried some locations of the north a bout of damage. but for the most part very little range. or like a saratoga nothing at all. here the maps and 4 to mark, you'll see one in temperatures we will be getting up into the eighties for the warmest in the spot. like livermore concord, and shot for
9:48 pm
just 584. so the departure of the storm will seek more sunshine for monday. and generally, a nicer day. ford temperatures run the beginning of the to the subsidies as well. here's fog tracker, at midnight we a lot of fog. pushing into the bay. as well as the lots bellies were mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. just about everywhere. ron 6:00 a.m.. the fog should clear of these save valleys around 78:00 tomorrow night. if at for the bay, around 10 to noon. before the clouds will give way to sunshine for the afternoon hours. sunny skies, of bayside and inland valleys. but the fog still remains at the coast and that will push in land, for tomorrow night. temperatures going up for the north bay, and these bay tomorrow. reads about the same closer to the bay. look for eighties sonoma, 82 to build 60s by the coast, with an ocean the thought of for just 5626 5¢ vs.
9:49 pm
the. the clouds start things up for the short, i will see the sun shine in the late morning. and certainly into the afternoon hours with highs in the '60s and '70s. it is returned to the inland valley light will agree to buy 82 degrees. eighties for little more. and here for the south bay calls to begin gravesides early but the sunshine coming up pretty quickly. with 77 high for san jose. here's the seven they run the bay. the warm weather starts good to go back on tuesday and wednesday. the morning fog gets pretty expensive, both days especially on wednesday. rather cool they actually always did. los '60s bayside around '70s on the inland valley, follows a rise was tonight. is starting out on thursday, it is really going to start a war of by the end of the we added to the weekend a warming trend with lots of sunshine look for upper eighties and possible loan 90s in land. with upper seventies to
9:50 pm
low eighties by the bay. rajiv >> he brined, the warriors' season begins about six we can, the warrior girls that cheers iman. we joined the girls for special calendar should. >> so we had to of the calendar issue, and we had a a new >> your tiger, you have to attack the tighter the >> it was a lot. little odd. >> smile, lovey, of the camera, little bit more. little bit more. and stick another for up. little bit more to the right.
9:51 pm
little bit more. little bit more. >> screams >> yap, it was interesting couple of days. >> they definitely love doing this story. >> is that the company is offering a special service for december no fire victims come appalled special memories can be restored. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me.
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i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has aived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. let's look at the top three sales of the box office this weekend. in third the new horror film double. an ems cholon film about strangers have to attack with it. i have to do about what health million dollars. an opening in second place the call monday easy a of a film about a teenage girl about surrounded by rumors. after telling a white lie made more than $80 million toward grabbing the top spot the new action thriller the town, directed by betty abbott are
9:55 pm
beginning a lot of buzz. it earned more than 20 million. >> time now for tech talk with kids like. scan cafe based in burlingame is a tec company that offers a very unique service. they take photos that have been damaged by smoke, earth fire, flood, earth quake, any disaster and restore them. they are offering to the victims of the san bruno explosion and fire to restore damaged photos for free. if that is you or someone you know contact them trough there web site at scan cafe will take photos from any format, slides, negatives, still in the photo album and restore them to their original quality. they showed me dozens of pictures that have been burned, ripped, water damaged, all that they have fixed up and made near perfect again. besides disaster damaged photos they will fix up any pictures. pictures that have lots there original color over time, pictures faded by sun light or by aging, pictures that were originally taken improperly, and came out blue,
9:56 pm
they can fix that too. they also offer preservation of your memories which i think is a great idea. let's face it we live in california, we all live under the threat of earth quake, fires, floods. >> people spend thousands of dollars a year on home insurance, for things that are easily replaceable, things such as tv's furnisher, but the spend nothing on irreplaceable blue families. so with us at scan cafe for literally pennies and image, you can preserve images line when forever and your memories forever. >> there restoration and cents a photo. they give the customers fixed up photos on a dvd in a digital format. this dvd can then be copied and given out to family and friends, so holding on to the precious slate, kron 4 news. >> >> as isis and osiris, and it closed. for show >> still sort of stil solid
9:57 pm
after faubuswe're starting on ts in the north a deleterious all a low club industry is in the morning sunshine for the afternoon. we will seelow to mim concord to antioch. san francisco still in the '60s. not sure when. fog last interlay morning. here's a 70 around the bay. we're looking at the last week this summer it all ends wednesday night. and temperatures will be cooling down virtus there was a period when falk begins though to big- time warm up we could be back into the low 90s by england in the weekend. perhaps some eighties said bait. so there is your summer weather right there. >> we begin more rain in the next couple weeks.
9:58 pm
>> looks pretty dry right now. >> thanks will sue 11.
9:59 pm

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